Thursday, June 28, 2007

According to Neil LaBute...

Since 1997, and going back further to his Mormon school origins, Neil LaBute has made his reputation by causing a stir through his plays, filled with ugly, familiar, and disturbingly human characters that reek of self hatred and seemingly Agnostic lifestyles. While one would argue that the Devil lives in LaBute's work, his plays are actually based in "Acts of God" and Old Testament revenge and foul ups, placing us closer to the hypocrisy that infects our morals. LaBute gets a kick out of stirring up a shit storm (pop culture critic Hal Niedzviecki calls this strive for individuality "the new conformity") because this is what is expected of him. Niedzviecki tells us that this is the world we live in now, where it is necessary for us to create a hypo-active illusion of ourselves in order to be accepted. AndLaBute does this without fail.

In May LaBute wrote an article for called "The Cast System" where he speaks about the unfairness of racial casting; in that Black actors are able to be "color blind" cast in other wise "white roles" where white actors don't get the same justice. LaBute proposes the idea of Brad Pitt as Walter Lee in A Raisin in the Sun (a funny idea that better not EVER happen; if you're going to put a white boy in the role of Walter Lee, it better be Daniel Day-Lewis -- a white boy who carries enough inner life to spawn an entire black population of struggle) in attempts to prove his point that if theater is suppose to be for everyone, then plays written for black actors should be open to white actors as well. A black actor, for example, can play Sam in The Dumb Waiter and it is considered "diversity." A white actor plays King in August Wilson's King Hedley II it is considered a violation. LaBute is pointing out the unfair hand that white actors seem to be dealt while not considering that the range of roles for white actors is much more wide spread than roles for actors of color. His argument is reminiscent of whites who make the argument of: "If we were to create our version of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and called it White Entertainment Television (WET), we would be shut down in a week."

Truth? Yes. Why? Most people of color do not wish to explain this point beyond saying "That's just the way it goes." It's as vague and hollow as white people claiming to be "color blind" while easily being able to compare the cab driver to a terrorist. The Hispanic politician to the landscaper. The Asian actor to the Asian driver who cut them off on the road. They avoid films with subtitles and tell stories of how they over heard the two black men in the check out line not using "proper English." They considered a closed suburban area, surrounded by strip malls rather than the Food Source, a "good neighborhood." There is an accurate count of how many "friends" of color they have, and while telling endearing stories about their friend(s) of color, they never fail to tag the phrase with "...she's so nice!" So there is a mystery as to how this would be considered being "color blind" much like "that's just the way it goes" is not a sufficient response and never answers the question of "why." However it calculates that people of color isolate themselves for the sake of pride in a society that strives on exploitation and because of this people of color need something, that we like to call, "Our own!" Without this, "diversity" would be impossible and the "color blind" white people would have nothing to talk about or feel cultured by.

LaBute creates a weak argument in "Cast System" and he does not help his point when he makes the comment about Denzel Washington playing the title role in Richard III, when he says: "...did they really think this is what was meant by the 'black prince'?" In other words LaBute's proposition is juvenile in the interest of keeping his position in popular culture and proudly playing the post-modernist role in welcoming the opportunity of being accused as a racist. This type of accusation would be fun forLaBute (and a proud label to add to his long list of previous labels put on his by critics) and most likely encourage his behavior to reach further out of hand. The problem withLaBute's article isn't so much race as it is a lack of common social sense. In no way do I feel his comment on Washington was meant to be racial anymore than I feel a child wets his pants out of malice. Both of these actions are acts of instinct and immaturity and require nothing more than a lack of control, whichLaBute pretends to be. Throughout the article LaBute piles one unexplained shock statement on top of the other till it makes one wonder where he has been through his career in theater. LaBute seems to think opportunities are wide open to actors of color so the same should be extended to white people, in that they should be able to appear in an August Wilson play (Wilson never wrote a white character; nor does he allow white directors to stage his plays) or George C. Wolfe's The Colored Museum without hassle. Obviously LaBute has not checked the cast lists in, not only his own plays, but plays by most white American playwrights (best black character written by a white American playwright in the past ten years is the role of William in KennethLonergan's brilliant Lobby Hero), in that as far as roles for actors of color go, there ain't many. Sure, LaBute is attempting to communicate a utopia within the world of theater and it would be nice if we all just let go of the color lines and did shows with who was right for the role and not focused on color (again, the myth of "color blind"). This is a topic that is mentioned in passing, but hardly acknowledged. One can flip through a listing of casting calls and the descriptions are specific and isolating while still claiming "color blind" in their morality.

Face it: if someone was really looking to be "color blind" and cast based on ability and not race, (a term rooted in illusion-ism) then why wasn't, say, Blair Underwood thought of (note: I say "thought of" not "cast". "Thought of" would convey that race is not the problem and would create the utopia of race not being the issue) for the role of Martin instead of Bill Pullman in the premier of Edward Albee's The Goat; if there was a true intention on "diversity" in theater, then "color blind casting" would not be an after thought; it would just be done without attention being brought to it. By casting Underwood opposite MercedesRuhl you create a relevance in contemporary America while showing a story of betrayal between two people that is as tragic and hurtful as it was with Pullman (who was brilliant). the best part is, the "color blind" theory is challenged and erupts inner prejudice from the audience rather than Albee's script (which holds no sign of race) and digs into the human condition while showing mobility in progression. To have seen Underwood in place of Pullman would show the "color blind" lens for what it truly is: you take away color, there is still black and white surrounded by a lot of grey. this is a utopia thatLaBute does not see. Casting is based on inner life and truth behind the actions of the character -- which has nothing to do with color, but circumstance. And thoughLaBute's idea of Brad Pitt in the role of Walter Lee is funny (and interesting in theory) it is still irrelevant in comparison. A Raisin in the Sun is based in class and race. The Goat is based in upper middle class boredom. Pitt shows no sign of struggle while Daniel Day-Lewis does. So Underwood in the Pullman role verses Pitt in the SidneyPortier role is a clash of difference. And still, in the reality of casting, white people win out.

With the reputation LaBute has created for himself it's a wonder that he would write an article with such a thoughtless through line. One would think thatLaBute would use his status to encourage more actors of color to do his plays (outside of his play This Is How It Goes, LaBute has no black characters in his work) and go against "type" and push the the boundaries a bit further than usual rather than complain that white actors are being treated unfairly. One would expect forLaBute to lash out against race by writing a play about the ultimate 21st century Uncle Tom and cast Dave Chappelle in the lead role, and create a stir in pop culture. This would not only create a sold out production, but provide an insightful look at the very ugliness that plagues racial issues (not to mention put a better spin in attempts to explore the complexity of new age race relations). Instead Labute proves his own stereotype and reveals that he is every bit as shallow as we are told he is. He does not show his gift in being able to exploit the down fall of middle-class boredom. Nor does he use his gift to convey human circumstance in the type of reality that is so horrible and relatable that the Republican in us is more willing to shun it off rather than face it to land on an understanding of social reaction. Instead LaBute immortalizes his own hype and goes for the laugh. He makes a cartoon of himself to entertain rather than inform. He dumbs himself down to operate within the anti-intellectualism, which is so fashionable in America, rather than stand, firmly, behind the tone of his writing. One would begin this article with thinking that LaBute was going to enlighten us rather than offend. But he betrays this with an obnoxious output.

Below I copied the link to the article. It's a curious read but LaBute makes his point in a way that reminds me of why white boys, who have been exposed to Chappelle's Show (therefore feeling they have the right to use the N-Word freely) are a danger to the future to come. One can only do justice by reading the article for themselves.,0,3916973.story


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Wow. What a thoughtful, intelligent, and well-written response. And caustically funny to boot. Among my favorite lines:

"Daniel Day-Lewis -- a white boy who carries enough inner life to spawn an entire black population of struggle"


"If we were to create our version of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and called it White Entertainment Television (WET)"


"In no way do I feel his comment on Washington was meant to be racial anymore than I feel a child wets his pants out of malice."

...If you haven't read my follow-up to the controversy, check out:

anthony djuan said...


thank you for the good words. now that i read that LaBute got in contact with you...kind of makes me wonder.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

The guy obviously Googles himself like everyone else in the world...WATCH OUT!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sent here via Prince's blog and just wanted to give a big thumbs-up. I read LaBute's original piece a while back and thought "Well, it's not funny enough to qualify as satire, so presumably he means it, in which case . . ." and then my head began to explode so I stopped pondering the whys and wherefores.

One minor point: August Wilson did write one white character -- Rutherford Selig in "Joe Turner's Come and Gone." But your essential point is, of course, unchanged.

Great job!
Kerry Reid

Quin said...

when i first came upon this bit, i fell into the complete wanting to have the perfection of colour blindness of theater... letting the magic of talent overtake everything else.

in some plays, i'd still cast that way, it would be the talent i'd use, regardless of what or who you were...

with your beautifully written post, i see more clearly the reasoning behind the outcry against the article.. i understand where labute was coming from..sometimes, we don't always put our words as clearly as we'd like to.. sometimes, we fall into the trap of becoming what people want us to be.

i mourn that we cannot have across the board colour-blindness in art.

it is what it is...

thank you for this post, i'll hold to my dream of talent being there, and unless it's a show that is so specific (wilson's), i'll stick with talent first.

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