Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coming Soon: The Next Virginia Tech

It's the classic reaction from a filmmaker when viewing such a sight that makes one say: "I never could have directed that."

This poses true on the video below, which shows a killer in the making. The child resembles Huey P. Freeman from Aaron McGruder's "The Boondocks", while also revealing how Huey P. Freeman became so militant; the same reason that Huey P. Freeman will grow up to either make a difference, or snap on society with blazing barrels screaming about "THE CAUSE!!" Freeman's protest is important in youth for the sake of urban expression of anger (channeled through hip-hop, spoken word, and the culture of video games). Though the anger is often buried beneath questions (and a lost mentality in creation of "the thug"), the "fuck you" expression can be a healthy release for future adult bliss.

Not the case, unfortunately, for the child in the video (who must be between the age of 8 and 10). Here the child is told that his Christmas gift is an Xbox -- the very gift he's been wanting all year long. He glows with excitement as he unwraps his Christmas gift; a gift that results in a cause of deception through cruel satire and family guilt. For the child is expected to "understand" the hardships of the working class; and to ask for such a gift, on Christmas, in their eyes, is a call for this child to be taught a lesson; and this lesson cannot be done by verbal communication and luring him to understand; but rather through ablatant act of betrayal that will sever the trust in this child's bones for the rest of his life. What the family is missing is that the child is being a child; to ask for an Xbox is not an act that deserves a cruelty beyond the measures of human tolerance (they would have been better off spanking him), but rather a "No" for the sake of clarity; yet the family feels such an act is not cruelty, but rather an important part of life. In other words:

"You will be let down your entire life. So you might as well get use to it, right here, in your own home."

What makes it worse is that the asshole who not only taped the unwrapping, but posted it on You Tube, will forever move through life without guilt based on the support of his family (who ripples with the "crab" mentality carried by black folks since the late 1800's). Their laughter of the joke turns to anger when the child responds with sadness. A sadness he is forced to keep inside, because if he cries he deserves to be punished further. The family does no clue in on what can come of this. How this child will grow and become vicious. When this happens they will have the nerve to say: "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONGWIT'CHO ?!!" forgetting their satirical backfire that created a monster; a monster that goes beyond Huey P. Freeman, and destroys the potential importance he might contribute to the growth of America.

An act like this answers the questions when one grows to commit horrific crimes. Acts like this answer the "why" when it comes to Columbine and Virginia Tech. The neglect this child feels, while trying to soak up every ounce of hurt he can muster, is an insight to the psyche of American children. The family is a prototypical working class black family (similar to "white trash") with too many people in the house, all of them clawing to one up each other, and elevate themselves bymitigating others. The level of "love" is low based on the surrounding self-esteem, and old world Southern tactics blacks take on their children. Though, this is not limited to the South (it lives in urban areas across America), but one may recall Richard Wright's "Black Boy", and his puzzled responses to the beatings and cruel tactics of black parents in the South. These types of acts spawn hatred, mistrust, and wrath that sits deep enough to wait for the correct moment to react. For one should be prepared to view this video again, the day this child snaps. When/if this happens, the answers to the "why" will be right here in front of us.


- d'juan

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